Posted by: lindsayhumbert | February 5, 2009


In no particular order:


Facebook Big shocker, I know. Of course a website that allows me to keep in touch with all my friends is going to be one of my favorites. It even helps me keep in touch with people who aren’t my friends.


ESPN On-point headlines allow me to catch up with the sports news quickly. Personalization features make it easy for me to find information about my favorite teams. In addition to reporting on breaking news and writing stories like game recaps, you can read more opinionated pieces on Page 2 or vote in a poll to see what the rest of the nation is thinking.


Red Sox It’s as devoted to my favorite team as I am. All sorts of information I can’t even imagine needing located in one spot. Mostly information reporting, but sometimes they have feature types about players. Part of the family.


Google Google knows everything. Really. Plus they do cool things with their logo on certain occasions. My favorite part: you can TEXT google at 466453. You know you’re going to try it if you haven’t.


YouTube A forum where stupid people can compete for the crown while providing limitless entertainment for others. Also a useful tool for finally listening to a song that’s been stuck in your head all day. Probably the most ever qualified to say ‘I really have seen everything.’


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