Posted by: lindsayhumbert | February 10, 2009

Sports Media

As a communications student, it is important that we are always studying and keeping up with the media. They are our best teachers. While I may not know now what branch of communications I want to major in, I’m pretty sure I want my career to have to do with sports. Therefore, I will be keeping up with some websites that discuss and critique today’s sports media field.

Niel Best writes a SportsWatch column and a watchdog blog about sports media for Newsday, making him somewhat of an expert on the topic. Reading his blog and his columns will help me become and stay knowledgeable of any trends or changes.

Boston Sports Media Watch is basically a centralized place to find links to of all the articles written about Boston sports teams. Even if I do not read any of the articles, unlikely for a Boston sports fan, it is educational to see how reporters cover teams both when there is lots of news to report and during slow days. Reading the one sentence that accompanies each link will provide me with examples of the different angles a reporter can take when covering a story.

Since I am currently leaning towards broadcast, it will be beneficial to know about how sports are covered on TV. This could include how actual games are broadcast to how sensational news is broke and stories are followed and presented to the audience. Michael Hiestand talks about Sports Television in his columns for USA Today.

Sports Media Journal describes themselves on their About page as “a site where you’ll find out more about the people and organizations that manage and report sports.” They post interviews with a variety of professionals in the sports media industry. Reading these will provide me with more of an inside view than the other sites, and help me see the field from as many angles as possible.


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