Posted by: lindsayhumbert | February 10, 2009

The Life of Kevin Carter

Kevin Carter

Kevin Carter

I thought the way the film The Life of Kevin Carter told the story of Carter’s life was unique. the film first seemed to be about the violence of apartheid because Carter himself was introduced to the audience later than they would normally anticipate or extect. This delayed introduction of characters is repeated when the audience is told about Carter’s suicide then the existence of his daughter. It is almost as though the film is implying that Megan Carter was not an important enough part of her father’s life to warrant an earlier mention.

Vulture picture

Carter's famous vulture photo

Kevin Carter’s biggest claim to fame was the Pulitzer winning ‘vulture’ picture. While many have bashed Carter for photographing the child, as was his photojournalistic instinct, rather than providing aide, it is precisely this course of actions and the resulting picture that led to an increased awareness of the apartheid horrors. The many who scold Carter’s actions, or lack thereof, likely would have remained ignorant to the apartheid events were it not for the photograph. So while Carter may not have had the ability to help this one chid, who is to say how many other lives he has had an indirect positive effect on as a result.


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