Posted by: lindsayhumbert | March 19, 2009

“Why I am a Fan”

My idea is to investigate unique and a-typical stories behind why some people are fans of teams that are, geographically, unexpected. I also want to explore how someone can come to despise a team that is not a natural rivalry.
Once these individual stories are established, I plan to delve into what being a fan means to them, and what they’ve gained from their alliances.



  1. $300 :] good luck!

  2. $100. Keep looking for unique random fandoms.

  3. $300 i hope you can find some interesting stories

  4. $250 – good concept. It would be a unique view of the sports world.

  5. $200.

    I liked your idea. Good luck!

  6. I grant you $400. I really like that this is very you. I know you’ll do a great job because you’re passionate about this!! Good Luck mon comrade de chambre!!

  7. $250 Props on coming up with such an original idea! I’m eager to see what kind of responses you get from fans

  8. $100 good luck! can’t wait to see the final product!!!

  9. 200 disney dollars for you

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