Posted by: lindsayhumbert | June 28, 2010

Time for a second half turn-around

Oh hey.  January…June…whoops.  Well, habits are hard to break.  And so far the score is ‘habit of not blogging’: 1, me: 0.   Enough lamenting.  Lets catch up.   After traveling to L.A. (and Phoenix) in January, I spent my spring as a producer for One on One Sports, which I’m proud to say recently received a Telly award and a Communicator award.

Courtesy of Cara R. Angelucci-NFL Films

This summer I’m interning at NFL Films, where last week was broadcast boot camp which gave 25 players (pictured, right) a crash course in radio, studio hosting, field reporting, etc. Aside from all this, I’ve found time for other activities such as baseball games, the beach, and Skype.  Oh, and after persevering through some episodes of questionable quality, the faithful were rewarded with an absolutely spectacular Glee season finale! Bravo.



  1. YAY blogging!!

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